Metal Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket


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    Hot Selling Metal Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket High-Quality Garden Hanging Metal Triangle Bracket

    Load – Each bracket can support a weight of 80KG Design – Upholstery and sturdy shelving in farmhouse retro style Application – Fix plank with floor flange, then screw and screw retainer to the wall. Shelving is the perfect solution to create shelf space where you need it without interfering with your other living arrangements. Making them out of wrought-iron is an absolute genius, not only because of the strength of the material, but also because of the unique and amazing designs that can be created. From simple angles to gorgeous tinsel, cast iron is both practical and beautiful. You can use your floating bookshelf (called a floating bookshelf when it’s not fixed except on a wall) to display special books, find a place to hang your favorite kitchen utensils, or put a small locker in your entrance. No matter how to place, iron art bracket can be your bookshelf distinctive.


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