Major Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging Types you Need to Know

Major Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging Types you Need to Know

Cosmetics users worldwide are becoming increasingly conscious about their use of plastics and non-sustainable packaging. In recent years, we have seen a rise in sustainable materials, such as bamboo and even mushroom leather. How can these natural and biodegradable materials be applied in the cosmetics industry? This article examines how eco can be elegant and why it is more trendy than ever to use sustainable packaging in your cosmetic products.

Why use sustainable cosmetic packaging?

Brands are constantly jostling for space within the beauty sector, and their success has become increasingly reliant on appealing to the environmentally-conscious consumer. It should be no surprise that a large proportion of consumer purchasing decisions are driven by visual appeal. This is especially important in an industry that exists because of our desire to create the perfect aesthetic!

Producers are now recognizing the impact of the environmentalist movement on consumer choice. Research shows that over two-thirds of consumers are cutting down on single-use plastics, while nearly as many favor brands that value sustainable practices. This has led to innovations in cosmetic packaging, which must now have visual appeal and low environmental impact.

What types of sustainable packaging are there?

Sustainability is a word that is often referenced in discussions about the environment, but what does it mean about cosmetic packaging? Put simply, it’s about the environmental impact of the packaging. This might be through a clean and efficient manufacturing process or production with natural and raw materials. It can also include packaging that can be reused, upcycled, or recycled. 

Glass and metal packaging

Glass is an elegant and sustainable type of cosmetic packaging

Glass is one of the oldest packaging materials, dating as far back as the Egyptians around 1500 BC. It is a sustainable form of packaging created using naturally occurring materials with no waste products in the manufacturing process. But most importantly, for product packaging, glass is readily recyclable. The benefits and eco-friendliness of glass are also recognized by consumers, of which 9 out of 10 are buying more glass products than three years ago. 

The safe and non-toxic nature of glass is perfect for cosmetic packaging and even better for cosmetic brands looking to give off the feeling of luxury. Glass is a beautiful material that can be used to create simple and classic cosmetic packaging.

Paper and cardboard packaging

Paper and cardboard are excellent eco-friendly materials as they are easily recycled and are produced from raw materials that can be acquired from clean, sustainable sources. Such packaging can serve as excellent packaging for dry cosmetics and pastes, such as deodorant sticks. They can be easily printed and decorated to add attractiveness to the packaging as well. 

In general, the lack of water resistance of paper and cardboard means that they are not currently suitable for use with all kinds of cosmetics. Creams and liquids can easily break paper fibers, leading to a rupture in the packaging, while the solution of adding plastic barrier coatings and adhesives makes the packaging difficult to recycle. However, some fantastic new technologies suggest that the future of paper and cardboard packaging is bright. For instance, translucent barrier paper with the strength of plastic is an exciting prospect.

Paper and cardboard packaging are some of the most easily recycled in the cosmetics industry

Recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable Plastics

The vast majority of cosmetic packaging is currently made out of plastics. Though plastics are not generally considered “sustainable,” PE packaging is easily recycled and can be reformed into similar products so long as it is not bonded to other plastics. As such, it is still possible to ensure that plastic cosmetic packaging is sustainable. Care must be taken to ensure that plastic components are not combined in a way that hampers recyclability. This may mean concessions have to be made as to the product’s visual appeal. 

There have been exciting strides made towards the production of biodegradable and compostable plastics. Some of these are suitable for packaging water and oil-based cosmetic products. While these materials retain all the benefits of traditional plastics, they are still relatively costly to products. The cost of these packaging types should fall in time as more producers enter the sector. 

PE plastics are gaining popularity among eco-conscious cosmetic consumers

Bamboo packaging

Bamboo packaging is another popular sustainable alternative to classic cosmetic packaging. Such packaging looks highly chic and gives the cosmetic product an instant environmental appeal. As bamboo is a readily available natural resource, its packaging has a relatively small ecological footprint. That said, producers truly concerned with sustainability should carefully consider the manufacturing process as some include harmful chemical additives. This also hinders the extent to which the packaging can be biodegradable.  

Bamboo-packed skin care products

Refillable and reusable packaging

Cosmetic brands with a commitment to sustainability may choose to supply their products as part of a refill system. These generally require consumers to reuse their cosmetic packaging and refill the product at sources such as retail outlets. Depending on your brand’s business model, this may not always be possible. As an alternative, some online-only brands have chosen to supply cosmetic products in bulk. Under this model, customers can decant their product into refillable and reusable packaging such as refillable pump bottles and sprays.

reusable plastic packaging

The appeal of sustainable cosmetic packaging

Producers want customizable packaging to create cosmetic products with a strong brand identity. This allows them to stand out amongst competitors in an already saturated beauty industry. Consumers are no longer purely interested just in a brand’s style and have become increasingly aware of the environmental appeal of cosmetic brands. The packaging types mentioned here are excellent for brands seeking to improve their environmental responsibility. They are more likely to impress the environmentally-conscious consumer and thus result in better sales.


15 Top April Fool Toys To Get Your Customers Laughing

15 Top April Fool Toys To Get Your Customers Laughing

April Fool’s Day is more than just a laughing matter; it’s an opportunity to boost business growth. Wholesalers, retailers, and other SME businesses can step up their marketing game by taking advantage of this untapped market opportunity.

Knife-shaped phone case

The knife-shaped phone case looks realistically like a knife, and most people wouldn’t imagine that it is a cell phone case. The case’s body is made from thermoplastic polyurethane, a flexible plastic that protects the cell phone against bumps and scratches. The playful design makes this case an ideal choice for people who like to prank their friends.

Repairable charging cable

Cable cutting is a classic practical joke! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a cable that people could cut and not have to throw it out? The repairable phone charging cable is an ingenious, customizable length-adjustable wire that users can renew in a matter of seconds. Besides being a fun and joyful experience, it serves as a convenient and quick-charging cable.

Cushion fart toy

The whoopee cushion is a rubber balloon that users can easily inflate with their mouth and hide under a chair or seat. When someone sits on it, it will blow air with a loud sound similar to that of a real human fart. Colors come assorted and vary from blue, red, green, and yellow.

Fake beer drinks

What better way people could enjoy the subtle flavor and nuance of their favorite brew during April Fool’s Day than from a realistic-looking glass of beer! These cherry blossoms, made out of glass and PVC thermoplastic, are covered in bubble film and polyfoam to make them realistic. No one will even notice they are drinking a fake beer until they take a sip!

Voice-activated luminous masks

The LED light masks are a marvelous accessory to look fancy at parties and celebration gatherings. They are voice-activated, meaning that they light up in 7 glowing colors when the user speaks. Waterproof and reusable, they can be washed and disinfected in water directly. The light-up masks are recharged through a USB cable that comes with them, making them battery-free. 

Magic trick set

The magic set has everything needed to perform numerous magic tricks with kids and friends! This set contains many toys to perform tricks such as coin cases where coins appear, disappear and change; cups and balls where the user can hide the ball in one of the cups and make it appear in another cup; the vanishing silk trick where the user makes the handkerchief disappear; the magic coin paddle where the user can turn a coin from heads to tails and back again; and many more tricks!


New TOPCon Report Explains Increasing Interest In PERC’s Natural Successors

New TOPCon Report Explains Increasing Interest In PERC’s Natural Successors

In this first exclusive TaiyangNews Report on TOPCon Solar Technology – Increasing Interest in PERC’s Natural Successor, we do a deep-dive on the recent developments associated with TOPCon production, the process and key players.

While mostly a ‘Chinese’ show due to Corona-related travel restrictions, SNEC 2021 in Shanghai was again an eye opener to its visitors and beyond. The show did throw up a few surprises – and probably the biggest of them all was the industry’s interest in TOPCon.

At the show, it became evident that not only the leading manufacturers, who had been working on this cell technology in their R&D silos, got a feeling for how much interest the technology has garnered apart from themselves. So much so that it even surprised us. For a little background, as we prepared our agenda for TaiyangNews Very High Power Modules virtual conference, which was also a preview event for SNEC 2021, we realized, albeit at a very small level, that the interest in TOPCon is increasing. With a slew of TOPCon based product launches at this world’s largest PV trade show, the proof was in front of the world’s eyes.

A brand name for Germany’s Fraunhofer ISE’s proprietary technology and a colloquial name for Passivated Contacts, we covered TOPCon as part of TaiyangNews High Efficiency Cell Technologies 2019. Since then, several developments have taken place in this area. Jolywood, leading the companies active in this field, has been producing TOPCon products in high volume manufacturing, while also working on improving the technology in parallel. At our event it presented the development of a new 2nd generation TOPCon technology.

In addition to Jolywood, a number of other companies have announced efficiency improvements for the technology, which has also attracted new equipment makers to offer production solutions for TOPCon. At SNEC 2021, several leading PV manufacturers, including LONGi Solar, JinkoSolar and JA Solar, introduced new TOPCon modules, as announced at TaiyangNews Very High Power Solar Modules Conference.

In this first exclusive TaiyangNews Report on TOPCon Solar Technology – Increasing Interest in PERC’s Natural Successor, which was launched during the physical CSPV conference in China on Dec. 7, we do a deep-dive on the recent developments associated with TOPCon production and the process. You can download the new TOPCon report free of charge – either in English or Chinese – by clicking on the red buttons below.