15 Top April Fool Toys To Get Your Customers Laughing

15 Top April Fool Toys To Get Your Customers Laughing

April Fool’s Day is more than just a laughing matter; it’s an opportunity to boost business growth. Wholesalers, retailers, and other SME businesses can step up their marketing game by taking advantage of this untapped market opportunity.

Knife-shaped phone case

The knife-shaped phone case looks realistically like a knife, and most people wouldn’t imagine that it is a cell phone case. The case’s body is made from thermoplastic polyurethane, a flexible plastic that protects the cell phone against bumps and scratches. The playful design makes this case an ideal choice for people who like to prank their friends.

Repairable charging cable

Cable cutting is a classic practical joke! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a cable that people could cut and not have to throw it out? The repairable phone charging cable is an ingenious, customizable length-adjustable wire that users can renew in a matter of seconds. Besides being a fun and joyful experience, it serves as a convenient and quick-charging cable.

Cushion fart toy

The whoopee cushion is a rubber balloon that users can easily inflate with their mouth and hide under a chair or seat. When someone sits on it, it will blow air with a loud sound similar to that of a real human fart. Colors come assorted and vary from blue, red, green, and yellow.

Fake beer drinks

What better way people could enjoy the subtle flavor and nuance of their favorite brew during April Fool’s Day than from a realistic-looking glass of beer! These cherry blossoms, made out of glass and PVC thermoplastic, are covered in bubble film and polyfoam to make them realistic. No one will even notice they are drinking a fake beer until they take a sip!

Voice-activated luminous masks

The LED light masks are a marvelous accessory to look fancy at parties and celebration gatherings. They are voice-activated, meaning that they light up in 7 glowing colors when the user speaks. Waterproof and reusable, they can be washed and disinfected in water directly. The light-up masks are recharged through a USB cable that comes with them, making them battery-free. 

Magic trick set

The magic set has everything needed to perform numerous magic tricks with kids and friends! This set contains many toys to perform tricks such as coin cases where coins appear, disappear and change; cups and balls where the user can hide the ball in one of the cups and make it appear in another cup; the vanishing silk trick where the user makes the handkerchief disappear; the magic coin paddle where the user can turn a coin from heads to tails and back again; and many more tricks!

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